Breezy Bail Out

Wow!!! The woman at the center of the recent Chris Brown 14 hour standoff with Los Angeles police has shared her story with Good Morning America. Baylee Curran was a 'guest' at Brown's home when she says he pointed a gun at her face because she was looking at a box filled with diamond jewelry. According to Curran, she "was just standing over it admiring it. Not touching it." When one of Brown's friends told Curran to step away from the diamond, Brown walked into the room saying "I'm so sick of all of you people." Curran says Brown then "took the gun out, put it in my face and said 'get the F out.'" Curran says she was "terrified, absolutely terrified." Curran called the police and it led to a nearly 14 hour stand off with officers trying to enter Brown's home. Police finally obtained a warrant and ended in arresting Brown. Brown was released on bail that same night at 11:19 p.m. Whether or not the allegations against Brown are true or not, we have yet to find out. 

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