Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 2 “Stromborn Recap”

Game of Thrones left off right where episode 1 ended. We go straight to Daenerys at Dragonstone with her advisors during a storm. Quick nod to the episode name. Daenerys and Varys talk about loyalty. Remember in season one Varys was the one who tried to have Daenerys poisoned by King Roberts’s orders. Fast forward to now Varys swears to Daenerys he will remain loyal to her and if he has issues to talk to her face to face rather than plot behind her back. Also Daenerys tells Varys if he betrays her she will have him burned alive. 

Enter Melisandre she talk with Daenerys about the prince who was promised prophecy. It was interesting as the translation in high valerian gender does not matter when it comes to the prophecy, which means it could the prince or princess who was promised. She tells Daenerys she has a part to play in the coming wars as does another Jon Snow long story short Tyrion send a raven to Jon Snow inviting him to Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys. Jon, Sansa and Ser Davos discuss the letter from Tyrion. I mean dragons can defeat white walkers so it would make sense. 

While back in Kingslanding Cersei Lannister Queen of the seven kingdoms. Tries to rally the other Westeros Houses against Daenerys. After the meeting Randyll Tarly and Jamie Lannister speak in private Jamie asks the Tarlys to betray House Tyrell if he does he will name him warden of the south. Sam and Maester Marwyn have a quick scene with Jeor Mormont. Maester Marwyn basically tell Jeor we will let you stay one more day and that the infected grayscale has spread too far we can’t cure you. Qyburn and Cersei make a weapon that can hurt dragons. 

Back in Dragonstone Daenerys and her council make plans on how to take Westeros. The plan is Greyjoys and Dorne will sail for Kingslanding the Dorne and Tyrell arm will take Kingslanding. While that is going on the unsullied will take Casterly Rock. It’s important to note Tyrion Lannister was in charge of the sewers in Casterly Rock so he has more knowledge about Casterly Rock then anyone. At the end of the meeting Daenerys has a talk with Lady Olenna. Lady Olenna had a very cool line “The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No you’re a dragon, be a Dragon.” Then Greyworm and Missandei get really close. 

Back to Sam and Maester Marwyn. Marwyn is writing a book call A  Chronicles of wars following the death of King Robert the third. That sure rolls of the tongue then, Sam suggest something a bit more poetic. Sam talks about something he read that can cure greyscale. Marwyn say the procedure is far too dangerous and is forbidden. Sam then walks in on Jeor writing a letter to Daenerys. Says tell Jeor about himself and tells him you’re not dying. As Sam for a second straight episode wins award for grossest scene in the episode. No seriously why does Sam get all the gross scene so far this season? 

And then the transition from Greyscale to a pie was gross but seamless well done Game of Thrones well done. We find Arya in a pub and she runs into no other than hotpie have not seen him in a while. She begins to eat a pie and drink some ale her and hot pie begin to talk. Hotpie ask if she is going back to Winterfell. Remember Arya has not been In Winterfell since season 1 Arya also believes her family is dead. Arya says no why would I the Bolton’s control it. Hotpie tell her about how Jon Snow retook the north and how he is king in the north. Arya jump on her horse and make a decision go to kingslanding to kill Cersei or head back home. I can’t help but remember a line from last season “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home” Arya in the crossroad makes the decision yes to head home to Winterfell. 

Speaking of Winterfell Jon receives another letter for Sam tell him about the Dragonglass under Dragonstone. He has a meeting and tell everyone he is going to meet with Daenerys everyone is against him going. Remember Starks have not done so well once they leave the North examples. Rickard Stark burned alive by the Mad King, Robb Stark killed at the Red Wedding, Ned Stark got executed by King Joffery and Rickon Stark killed by Ramsey Bolton for not know what a zig zag is. So you can see why everyone does not want him to go. Sansa freaks out but Jon tells everyone he is leaving the North in Sansa hands. Before Jon leaves he visits the Crypt where there is a status of Ned and Lyanna Stark. Littlefinger tells Jon how he loved his mother and Sansa. Jon grabs him very similar to how Ned did in season one. Tell him if you touch my sister I will kill you myself. Jon and Davos leave for Dragonstone. 

Back to Arya she is heading back to Winterfell she is talking a break with her horse. Then she hears something she grabs her sword. Next thing you know she is sounded by a pack of wolves. A direwolf appears right behind her it is her direwolf Nymeria. We have not seen Nymeria since season one when Arya saved her life having her run away after attacking Prince Joffery. Arya tells her how see is going North back home and asks Nymeria to join her. Nymeria walks away with her pack. Arya follows up with the line “It’s not you.” Which is a line Arya said to Ned when Ned was talking about the life she was to have back in season one. 

Then we cut to the Greyjoy fleet on its way to Kingslanding. We see some intimate moments between Yara and Ellaria Sand right after they are attacked by Euron Greyjoy. Euron came to the ship with a claw like drawbridge. Euron facial expressions were priceless. He goes on killed people left and right the first big battle we have seen this season. Euron kills two of the Sand Snakes. Euron captures Yara tell Theon “I have her come and get her.” Theon then looks around drops his sword and jumps off the ship. Euron laughs we see Theon is the water and that is how the episode ends. 

Reaction I thought it was a very good episode. I really liked the Daenerys stuff. The Jon Snow stuff was also very good and well done. I just wish they would have done something more in the Crypt scene, his real Mother statue was right there could have revealed who his parents were right there. The Sam stuff is gross but will have a big payoff Arya just continues to have fantastic scenes. The Euron and ship fights were fantastic and well done. 

Here is the promo for episode 3 is it Sunday yet???


By Joe Zalewski

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    People really liked the series of Netflix Game of Thrones. I think they should bring more seasons of this series or above successfulresumes history of the series as people want to know what happened after the GOT.

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