Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice” Recap

The episode starts with Jon Snow and Ser Davos arriving at Dragonstone. It goes straight into a Jon Snow and Tyrion scene. This is the 1st time Jon Snow and Tyrion have been together since season 1. The interaction between the two was great. “Tyrion: The Bastard of Winterfell. Jon Snow: The dwarf of Casterly Rock. “Tyrion then introduces himself to Ser Davos, remember Tyrion and Davos were on opposite sides during the battle of Blackwater bay. So it seems to almost come full circle. Missandei then asks all the North men to relinquish their weapons. Then they all proceed to meet Daenerys. As they walk up to meet Daenerys. Jon and Tyrion have a quite awkward conversation about Sansa. They continue to walk this line is such a good example of foreshadowing.  “Tyrion: General rule of thumb Stark men don’t do well when they travel South Jon: True but I’m not a Stark.” Right after that line Jon see Drogon for the 1st time. This is foreshadowing in such a big way Jon is half Stark and half Targaryen this just symbolizes how he is a Targaryen. 


Then we cut to Melisandre and Varys talking. Melisandre line is key to the overall story of the entire show “I’ve done my part I have brought Ice and Fire together.” She then tell Varys she will be traveling to Volantis. Melisandre line before leaving “Oh I will return my dear spider, one last time I have to die in this strange country just like you.” Could that be what the Red Priestess whisper in Varys ear when he was young? That question has yet to be answered, but did we get a hint maybe? 

We then cut to the scene that has been 7 season in the making, the meeting of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Missandei then gives the usual breaker of chains introduction for Daenerys. Then Ser Davos introduces Jon Snow. “This is Jon Snow he’s King in the North.” Jon and Daenerys begin to talk back and forth. About the history between House Stark and House Targaryen. Daenerys apologizes for the crimes her Father the Mad King committed against House Stark Jon seems to be shocked by this.  Jon Snow then explains about the army of the dead the Night King, and how they need to work together. Daenerys then gives her life story pretty much.  Ser Davos then explains what Jon Snow has done. This is almost like game of one ups. Enter Varys as he whispers something into Daenerys ear. The meeting ends there. After Jon Snow and Ser Davos leave the room Varys tell Daenerys about how the Dorne, Tyrell and Greyjoys were attacked by Euron Greyjoy, and are either captured or dead. 


Cut to Theon being rescued by a shipped that survived. Speaking of Euron he is welcomed back to Kingslanding like a hero. As he marches to the castle he brings, both the Sand Snakes who were captured along with Yara Greyjoy. They enter the throne room and Euron gives Cersei the gift he promised the 2 sands. Then Cersei and Euron officially join forces. While the people cheer Euron is talking some smack to Jamie. Doesn’t Euron know not to smack talk a Kingslayer. What is interesting is Yara was not givin as a gift to Cersei so Euron still has Yara as his prisoner.  We then cut to Cersei the Sands in the dungeons. Cersei is evil but this is poetic as she kisses the daughter of Ellaria Sand. Remember Ellaria Sand kissed Myrcella Lannister and had poison on her lips and that is how Myrcella died. So for Cersei to do the same thing and to make Ellaria watch as her daughter dies the same way in the dungeon is poetic. Then Jamie and Cersei get “close.” 

We cut to Jon Snow on a cliff at Dragonstone thinking. Then Tyrion shows up and they talk. Jon is trying to figure out how to convince Daenerys to help him out, and that the White Walkers and army of the dead are real. Tyrion asks Jon Snow if there is anything he can do to help. Tyrion brings it up to Daenerys that Jon Snow wants Dragonglass. Tyrion tries to reason with Daenerys to give Jon Snow the Dragonglass let him mine the Dragongalsss. Remember Daenerys just lost the Dorne and Greyjoy Fleet so she is in some need of some new allies. Daenerys is very interested in the quote Ser Davos said in the throne room earlier in the episode. “What was that Ser Davos said? About taking a knife in the heart for his people.” It is interesting how they did not bring up Jon Snow coming back to life and how they don’t seem to want to talk about it it either. Daenerys and Jon Snow then talk alone it’s interesting that Daenerys  brings up the name of her Dragons. One just happens to be named after Jon Snows true Father Daenerys Brother Rhaegar. Another example of how this episode they have been foreshadowing that Jon Snow is part Targaryen. Daenerys tell Jon Snow that she will allow him to mine the Dragonglass and forge it into weapons. 

In the North we see Sansa taking charge in the North. Rationing food, making sure weapons are built correctly. Then we see Little finger trying to manipulate Sansa. The meeting is interrupted as Sansa get a surprise guest. Bran Stark arrives in Winterfell. Interesting to note we have not seen Bran and Sansa together since the first episode of Game of Thrones. Sansa thought Bran was dead so this is a very emotional reunion. Bran and Sansa then talk alone. First thing Bran says is I need to speak with Jon. I am paraphrasing of course. Sansa tries to tell Bran he should be the lord of Winterfell, then Bran tries to explain to Sansa about how he can’t because he is the 3 eyed raven now.  It’s like me trying to explain Game of Thrones to my parents they just don’t get it. What throws Sansa off is Bran tell her about how he is sorry for everything that happened to her, and tell her exactly what happened on her wedding day. She walks away very creeped out. 


Then we cut to Jorah and Sam. Jorah is cured thanks to Sam. Jorah thanks Sam for curing him and says I hope we meet again. Sam surprisingly is not punished for curing Jorah. Maester Marwyn has a job for Sam to make copies of manuscripts and scrolls. Finally an episode this season where Sam in not doing something repulsive. 

We cut back to Daenerys and her small council talking about how to destroy Euron fleet. You can tell Daenerys wants to do something and not just sit back. Maybe a possible foreshadow for future episodes…  Then one of the coolest scenes in my option for this episode. Tyrion breaks down how Casterly Rock will be taken the voice over while you see it happening was really well done. However the unsullied take the rock way to easy. Right as the fight end Euron Greyjoy Fleet show up and start to destroy most of the unsullied ships. Jamie Lannister taking a page out of Robb Stark’s book and sends most of the Lannister army to highgarden. Something Robb Stark did when he was at war vs the Lannister’s. It makes sense to go after highgarden and the Tyrell’s as they are the richest House and have the most gold and Cersei needs gold to pay the Iron bank. The Tyrell army is defeated with ease. Jamie and Lady Olenna then sit and talk. Lady Olenna knows she is going to die. She ask how it is going to happen. Jamie talked Cersei out of anything to extreme and pour poison into her wine glass she drinks the entire glass. Then confesses she had Joffery poisoned. She wanted to tell Jamie so he can let Cersei know.  That is how it ends. 


My reaction the Jon and Daenerys went how I thought it would go. It was still awesome to see. A lot of foreshadowing in the episode. Sam finally didn’t have any gross scenes. Cersei and Euron stuff was good. Lady Olenna stole the show with the last scene overall very good. Could have been more action but I get it. They are setting up that big battle to come this season. 

Prediction for next episode 

-          Jon and Daenerys will officially become Allies 

-          Jamie and Bronn will get captured 

-          A fight between the Lannister’s and Dany and Jon will happen 

-          Arya will return to Winterfell 

-          Gendry will return 

Until next week thanks for reading and as always is it Sunday yet??? 


By Joe Zalewski

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