The Sesh Went Live & Took On the Sensitive Topic Of "Tipping" - Did You Catch It?

Anthony has worked as as a server for many years, yesterday he gave us a breakdown on what "tipping" is all about including dining and tipping etiquette. 

Should you leave a tip if you're picking up your food?

Is your tip being given to the busboy or shared with the chef? 

Should you be deducting from the tip for every error the server makes?

Ilia talked about a video she recently saw on FaceBook mocking the "type" of eat in Diner that they are and what category they fall under:

The Substituter

The Itemizer

The Needy Diner

The Over-Sharer

Indecisive Diner

Lingering Table

Picky Eater

Send It Back Diner

Are you any of the above? 

They also covered why is it that tipping is only mandatory in the US? Some other foreign countries frown down on this trend; however those country also pay their servers a much higher rate.

If you missed it, You missed a good one. Refer back that live session video on our Evolution Pop FB page and be sure to turn in next Tuesday, for a new `show on from 10am -12pm!






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